The Ultimate Fitness Multi-Tool with BODYFIGHT™ and Patented RESISTANCE FUSION

T2 FUSION TRAINER™ a.k.a T2 Iso-Trainer

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The T2 is regarded as the most effective and versatile fitness tool ever created and represents A PARADIGM SHIFT in total fitness training with unprecedented capabilities and benefits. 

  • The only fitness training tool with patented RESISTANCE FUSION 
  • Seamlessly integrates BODYFIGHTFRICTION (not a pulley!) and ELASTIC Resistance. 
  • Delivers ISOKINETIC, ISOMETRIC, ISOTONIC, ELASTIC, SUSPENSION, OSCILLATING WAVEand our breakthrough ISO-ELASTIC® RESISTANCE in a single compact training tool. 
  • Replaces single function equipment.
  • Frees you from the limits, expense, and clutter of multiple devices.
  • Build and tone muscles faster and more safely.
  • Experience fast 15 minute full-body workouts with On-the-Fly Exercise and Intensity Changes.
  • Eliminate equipment hopping and injury risks.
  • Achieve unlimited exercise variety for any workout style.
  • Anchor to anything including yourself.
  • Automatically accommodates to your ability.

      As we transition branding from T2 Iso-Trainer to the more apt T2 FUSION TRAINER™ some of our videos and product will continue to show the T2 Iso-Trainer name. This is only a labeling detail that will be phased out as new content and new inventory are produced. Both the T2 Iso-Trainer and the T2 FUSION TRAINER™ are the same product.


      T2 APP

      Guides you through the new world of RESISTANCE FUSION™ training with clear visual guidance on proper use along with 100’s of exercises. 

      Download iOS T2 App

      Download Android T2 App


      Quick Connect Ring

      Instantly transition between multiple anchor points or quickly take the Power Bungee in and out of play.

      T2 Friction Hub

      Let's be clear, THIS IS NOT A PULLEY! Unlike a pulley that has a free-moving wheel, our die-cast housing has no moving parts. The patented fixed contoured design of the housing interior acts as a static friction surface against the Resistance Strap. 

      You modify the amount of friction by pulling the strap more or less tightly through and against the housing using your own self-resistance, what we call BODYFIGHT™. The friction with the housing exponentially increases your resistive effort. 

      Power Bungee

      With Woven Nylon Safety Sleeve makes our patented ISO-ELASTIC®Resistance possible and gives you instant access to other amazing training modalities like Elastic, Inertial Wave, Plyometrics, Boxing, Rowing, Pilates and so much more.

      Quick Adjust Cam Buckles

      Allow you to adjust the range of motion on the Resistance Strap or open the loop handle to slip over hips for squat and lunge exercises.

      Dual Carabiner Anchor Attachment

      Allows you to anchor to most anything with dual redundant carabiners for optimum safety.

      Loved by the Pros!

      T2 has been tested and approved by Industry Experts & Top Professional Athletes

      Raush Manfio 2021 MMA PFL World Lightweight Champion

      Jackson "Freezy" Macbones, Britain's Mike Tyson

      MMA Fighters Cris Cyborg + Victor Rosas