Double Loop Comfort Straps for Hand, Wrist, Foot, Ankle and Pilates

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Adapt the T2 handles to your needs with these super comfortable accessory straps. Ideal for abductor and adductor leg exercises, Pilates or any T2 exercise where you would like increased comfort for your hands, feet, wrists or ankles.

Also useful if you have challenges with grip strength.

Soft, comfortable and machine washable. Includes 2 carabiners to easily connect to the T2 handle loops. 


T2 has made an impact on so many peoples lives and has been a tool to help them reach their fitness and personal goals. If you are on the same path as our customers, then explore these goals in more depth.

Full spectrum portable PT!

Physical Therapy

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No other device adapts to individual needs like the T2.

Adaptive Training

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Seamless transitions between intensity, training modes & exercises!

Advanced Training

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Guides you through the new world of multi-mode training with clear visual guidance on proper use along with 100’s of exercises. 

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Quick Connect Ring

Instantly transition between multiple anchor points or quickly take the Power Bungee in and out of play.

T2 Patented Resistance Housing

THIS IS NOT A PULLEY! Unlike a pulley that has a free-moving wheel, our die-cast housing has no moving parts. The patented fixed contoured design of the housing interior acts as a static friction surface against the Resistance Strap. 

You modify the amount of friction by pulling the strap more or less tightly through and against the housing using your own self-resistance, what we call BODYFIGHT™. The friction with the housing exponentially increases your resistive effort. 

Power Bungee

With Woven Nylon Safety Sleeve makes our patented ISO-ELASTIC®Resistance possible and gives you instant access to other amazing training modalities like Elastic, Inertial Wave, Plyometrics, Boxing, Rowing, Pilates and so much more.

Quick Adjust Cam Buckles

Allow you to adjust the range of motion on the Resistance Strap or open the loop handle to slip over hips for squat and lunge exercises.

Dual Carabiner Anchor Attachment

Allows you to anchor to most anything with dual redundant carabiners for optimum safety.

Loved by the Pros!

T2 Iso-Trainer has been tested and approved by Industry Experts & Top Professional Athletes

Raush Manfio 2021 MMA PFL World Lightweight Champion

Jackson "Freezy" Macbones, Britain's Mike Tyson

MMA Fighters Cris Cyborg + Victor Rosas