The Team Behind the only Patented System in Existence



RESISTANCE FUSION™ - integrating Isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, elastic, suspended, and inertial waveresistance training modes into a single compact and portable device.

Mission Statement

We at T2FP believe that true total body fitness equipment should seamlessly adapt to the user's unique capabilities and movement patterns, and that's why we developed the T2 Iso-Trainer and our RESISTANCE FUSION technology. By integrating the power of our patented BODYFIGHT™ Isokinetics, our patented ISO-ELASTIC ® Resistance, along with isometric, elastic, suspended, and inertial wave resistance modalities, we've created a revolutionary fitness experience that unleashes unlimited training options and maximizes individual results and peak performance. 

The T2 seamlessly adapts to your body's unique movements and capabilities, providing you with a personalized workout that accommodates to your specific needs. Whether you are beginning your fitness journey or are an elite professional athlete, our equipment is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Vision Statement

To make fitness easy and accessible to everyone, anywhere regardless of age, injury, or physical ability. To transform the modern standards of sustainable fitness and inspire the next generation of adaptive total body training and rehabilitation.

Value Proposition

What if age, injury, or physical ability was no longer a barrier to achieving sustainable fitness and life-long mobility? 

This was the question that inspired us to create and deliver a brand-new method of training that would completely transform the modern fitness journey by using our patented fusion of resistance modalities and our patented Iso-Elastic technology.

The T2 is the only total body fitness equipment that forges an immediate, live, and personal connection with the user and delivers: 

  • The most powerful and adaptive strength and conditioning training,
  • Seamless and dynamic transitions between unlimited training modes and exercises,
  • Instant on-the-fly intensity and exercise changes with no bands, settings, or weights to change, and
  • Innovative and amorphous full-body fitness and rehabilitation.

Whether you're an athlete, young, old, injured, afflicted, or suffer from neuromotor conditions that affect your mobility, the T2 is the personalized fitness technology that moves with you, adapts to your capabilities, and is designed to maximize your results for years to come.

The T2 Team

Steve Kushner

Inventor of the T2. He studied sports medicine under exercise physiologist Dr. Anthony Abbott, founder of the Fitness Institute International, where Steve earned his American College of Sports Medicine certifications and his National Strength and Conditioning Association certifications. 

Louis A. Lara

Founder and CEO of T2FP. An award-winning industrial designer that has designed, developed, engineered and licensed hundreds of products over his career. He has worked with Steve since the beginning to develop the T2 which has led to new utility and design patents.

Martin Littlechild

Our partner in the United Kingdom and an invaluable asset to the T2 Team. He has contributed to product and business development as well as manage our beta testing program over the past few years working with professional athletes like UFC MMA Champ Cris Cyborg and countless fitness professionals and influencers. 

User Testimonials

T2 Iso-Trainer has been tested and approved by top Professional Athletes!

MMA PFL World Lightweight Champion

Britain's Mike Tyson

Cris Cyborg + Victor Rosas T2 MMA Beta Testers